1. Only Amazon park accessible over a paved road;

  2. Leave Quito at a comfortable hour, fly to the Amazon city of Lagoagrio and board the our canoe in Cuyabeno where you start your Amazon tour by noon;

  3. Only Amazon park near the Andes with both narrow creeks and lakes;

  4. Better wildlife viewing than in any other Amazon park in the world;

  5.  Lowest visitation prices of any Amazon park in South America;

  6. Greatest biodiversity of any park in the world;

  7. Located right on the equator;

  8. Wildlife viewing from boats with all your gear close at hand;

  9. With or about 450 long and 150 km wide, the park covers 590,112 ha of pristine jungle as you can verify on Google Earth;

  10. Guides are trained by the government National Park Service.

Best National Parks Ecuador:  Cuyabeno Ecuador. Amazon Rainforest Lodge in Ecuador: Terrace of the Cuyabeno Rainforest Lodge, Ecuador

On excursion watching wildlife and birds from the water.

After excursions, our visitors love to hang out on the sun deck, enjoying a cool beer in our Amazon Rainforest Lodge in Ecuador.


  1. First and still only lodge within the national parks system anywhere in the national parks system, thus being one of the pioneers in the entire Amazon River region;

  2. Operated by conservationists who helped create and protect the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve;

  3. The lodge is located on a gorgeous location on a peninsula on the Cuyabeno Lake;

  4. Unique among Cuyabeno Hotels for its canopy wildlife observation tower;

  5. New! We acquired electric outboard engines with which we can now make totally silent excursions!

  6. Cuyabeno tours are recommended by Lonely Planet for their professional guiding and the unique location of the lodge;

  7. Tripadvisor's 2014 Certificate for Excellence Award;

  8. Among Tripadvisor's 2013 Best value for Money of the 10 greatest destinations of all South America;

  9. Combi-Discount Galapagos + Cuyabeno. Ask for details!

WHY CUYABENO IS THE WORLD's BEST PARK FOR VISITING THE AMAZON? Read 7 compelling reasons to chose Cuyabeno.

How it began....

Our jungle biologists started organizing national park tours in the nineteen eighties because we were concerned that many operators of ecotours did not organize tours to the national parks. Most tour operators took - and still take - their tourists to easily reachable patches of secondary forest. We felt that national parks needed to create employment and economic opportunities and that most opportunities were related to visitation of the national parks.

What we do now.....

Cuyabeno Lodge / Neotropic Turis Office in Quito, Ecuador:

Shyris Park Building, Av. de los Shyris N36-188 & Av. Naciones Unidas, Office 608, 6th floor.

Phone: (++593) (0)(2) 292 6153

Cell (mobile) phone: (++593) (0)999 80 3395


Find it on the Quito Map Zoom in, it is a very detailed map!